November 8, 2016

Better changes

As the days grow shorter and the weather colder, attentions are turned inward. Especially mine. Since our festival season has wound down, I've been itching to refocus on our blog and website. There's been some changes, I think for the better for the time being. 

I've shut down our stand alone site for the time being. I was spending more on maintaining it than actually making money. So I've shifted our goods over to our Etsy shop for the time being. And our blog over here, at Blogger. Our old host site wasn't very user friendly for my liking so I went back to something I know and have used in the past. 

But that's not the only thing in the works. We are working out an update schedule for items being listed in our shop, as well as blog topics and ideas for the following year. True it's an ongoing process, but none the less, it's not the only thing changing. My studio space will be changing soon as we are moving house in the next month or so. It's not a decision that was made lightly, but one that will be better for our family and for my husband's commute with our poor little car. We'll be moving from our space in the basement at my parents' house to an actual apartment (stepping stone really until we find a house we want where we want to be really). I'm excited for many reasons really. One being a lot more natural light and 2, having Chris home for dinner instead of just the kids and I eating and him eating later when he gets home after his long commute. 

It will be a HUGE change for all of us. But it's one we will face as a family. 

So stay tuned for updates and new happenings! 

~Blessings, Karen