About Us

"We create what we love and love what we create. Our creations are our passions and what drives us as individuals."

Mystic Sage is a gateway for my soul sister and I to share our artwork and what drives us individually and as a family. And because of that family, Mystic Sage is a family run business.

My sister Sara and I co own Mystic Sage together and are the artists behind the creations held within. My husband is our numbers and IT guy behind the scenes. My son is full of ideas and my daughter is full of endless wonder. Our family is a big part of what inspires us and our artwork.
All of our artwork is inspired by fantasy, mythology, imagination, our spirituality, love of old buttons and fabric, and a love of combining different materials to create a unique piece of art. It is also inspired by our passions. Sara loves working with essential oils and recycling, what some consider junk, into something beautiful and an expression of her. My love of working with herbs, mermaids, fairies, crystals, and goddess artwork heavily influence my art.
Our artwork is a reflection of who we are and our unique outlook on the world around us. It is that love and reflection that drives us to create unique pieces, that we ourselves love in our homes and give to our friends and family. It comes from watching the wonder of exploring through the eyes of children. It comes from the beauty we see within and without. It comes from the universe. It comes from surrounding ourselves with beautiful souls. It comes from our heritage and the heritage of our family.

Meet the artists behind Mystic Sage:

Karen Garrett

Karen Garrett: wife, mother, artist and crafter, Pagan, faery lover and myth keeper

Growing up, I've always had a crayon in one hand and paper in the other. I was always drawing, coloring, and painting. In high school, I filled my schedule with art classes because I wanted to create. Being an introvert, my art is a way for me to express what I feel the most.

As an adult, I continued to create. Exploring different media and outlets from digital drawing to layering and art journaling.

My favorite medium to work with is my paints and polymer clay. I love combining my love of sculpting and my love of painting and sharing the pieces that I am inspired to create. Many times the end result is different than what I had set out to create, but that's the beauty. Every evolving, ever changing, always surprising. And that keeps me coming back time and time again.

Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass: Crafter, dreamer, sister and bad influence

My family, my grandmother (Nan) and my mom's sister all lived on the same street during my childhood. I had access to my beloved Nan my entire life and my love of crafting was cultivated by her. She was always crafting something...clothes, doll clothes for me, or knitting warm mittens for my brothers and I.

As a child, I would sit and watch her carefully lay out patterns on the kitchen table and cut her fabric. We would bring the items to her bedroom and I would sit on the floor and watch her sew for hours. I used to open her storage cabinets outside of the bedroom and feel all of her fabrics she kept in there. I now know that fabric hoarding is a family trait.

We didn't have a lot of money and I remember I desperately wanted a Care Bear. My Nan went to the store and go me two Care Bear panels that allowed us to cut out the bear shape, sew, and stuff the bears so I had something like a Care Bear pillow. I loved them so much because she allowed me to help her cut and carefully sew them with her. She also taught me how to knit. She had an amazing sense of creativity and I can only imagine what she could do with some of the materials we have available for crafting today.

My Nan always allowed me to be myself. Her house was my safe space where I was free to be my awkward, quirky self when I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere else. It took me a good thirty years to be happy and comfortable with my own soul. I began searching for things that feed my soul instead of hiding within myself. I began Reiki classes, yoga, researched Paganism. I found within this realm, I was at home. I began moving away from pharmaceuticals and traditional cleaning products and started choosing essential oils. I explored what I was crafting and began choosing crafts that also feed my soul.

I love every product I make. They are made with care and so much love. Each creation will radiate with love...I just can't help it; it's a piece of me.